Thursday, May 18, 2006

View from India (Part II)

The MT Industry in India has come of age and is now ready for growth. It currently employs around 20-30,000 people. The size of the business generated by the MT industry annually in India is estimated at $250 million that is a fraction of the global MT industry's business volume of $12 billion. In India, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi are prominent centres for the MT industry but now the business is seen shifting to smaller cities too

MT Industry in India Poised for Growth

Is Outsourcing Your Transcription Right For You?

Here's a great article written by Robbi Hess for For The Record Magazine about deciding whether outsourcing would be beneficial for you. Robbi takes you from the reasons to outsource all the way to implementing and planning.

Whether an organization begins investigating outsourcing as a way to handle overflow, balance staffing needs, centralize transcription services, or as a cost-savings measure, outsourcing can be a great solution when medical transcription volumes vary. Outsourcing allows the HIM director to minimize the staff’s idle time during slow periods, avoid stress and overtime during peak periods, tackle seasonal fluctuations, and account for vacation coverage.

May 1 2006 issue of For The Record

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

WorldTech chooses Dragon MT for Back-End Platform

Worldtech today decided to use the Dragon platform for their workflow.

Worldtech USA, a leader in Business Process Outsourcing specializing in Medical Transcription Services and Electronic Medical Records, today announced the decision to utilize the Dragon MT Workflow System for its primary backend platform for transcription workflow, speech recognition, and reporting interface.

WorldTech chooses Dragon MT for Back-End Platform