Thursday, October 07, 2010

Leverage your web presence with Tech O2

One of the two professional areas of my life that I feel most enthusiastic about is the social network and its strength. The other is Social reengineering with a rural focus.  Almost every business is on at least one of the social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Unfortunately, it just stops there. What exactly are you doing on Facebook for your business? Social media provides a way for “engaging your customers and prospects.” Just being on Facebook doesn’t mean much; you might have a fan page, but it will be one of the nearly 500 million fan pages. Presence doesn’t count for participation and engaging in social media.

The issue is not entirely ignorance, but a lack of tools and economic campaign models for small businesses to actively participate in social media. Analysts predict that social media will become (has already become in some views) the “new Internet.” Platforms like Facebook have orchestrated plans and methods to capture audiences, and conduct all business interactions within their ecosystem. Large corporations have created a new role in their employee roster called “Social Media Managers,” whose job is to engage their customers and prospects using an array of social media platforms. Social media managers have several tools such as Social Flow, Tweet Deck, CoTweet, etc. to participate in multiple social networks and interact with their clients. They also have the time and energy to carry on different social media campaigns from marketing to promotional activities.  Read More about how to leverage your social network to increase your business.

My personal social network began when I was a kid, and just like the internet, it was made up of people who were not not all there, but neither were they just not here. Books, music, movies, politics.  Read my blog.

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